There’s no good reason to stay in a bad contract


Are you happy with the current service you are receiving from your HVAC contractor? You’ll be surprised how many people aren’t but remain with their current contractor, even when they can get a better offering elsewhere.

Over the years we have heard many different reasons why businesses have decided not to move over to another contractor. Below we explore some of the most common. Do you recognise any of these excuses?

There’s no good reason to stay in a bad contract…

I have been using the same contractor for years

A long standing relationship with your contractor is certainly something to be valued. However this is only as long as it’s a good relationship and your contractor has not become complacent and still offers you competitive pricing.

It’s too much time and effort to change contractor

It can seem like a lot of effort to change companies but do the advantages outweigh the effort? Will a new contract allow you to save time and money?

Our current contractor is doing ok

If you can’t say with confidence that your contractor is doing well and is satisfying your expectations then it’s time to look into other options.

… But there are plenty of good reasons to make the change

A fresh start

If you have been experiencing ongoing issues with your current contractor, a fresh start to your maintenance could be what you need. It means you can lay down right from the beginning exactly what your expectations are and tie these into your contract. Consider a contractor that can work with you to set up reports based on KPI’s that are important for your business, this way you have confidence in their ongoing performance.

Fresh set of eyes

A good new contractor will take a view on the task in hand and may have a different approach on how to deal with the maintenance of your equipment which would work better for you.

Long term gains

Although changing contractors requires a little bit of effort in the initial stages, you may find that the long term gains are worth it. Whether this is more competitive costing, less administration or energy savings, over the length of your contract this could really add up.

Your choice of contractor and maintenance agreement should make commercial sense. Are the excuses outlined above on their own valid enough reasons not to consider making the change especially when there is potential time, money and energy to save?

Taking the first step to a better service

Start by talking, get a couple of other contractors in to take a look at your site and equipment. Inviting a potential contractor to your site isn’t just about getting a price, use the opportunity to see how well they listen to your needs and how they work.

EMS Ltd have years of experience advising customers in a variety of industries on their heating and cooling needs offering tailored maintenance contracts. To book an appointment with a member of our team please get in contact with us.

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