Extend your spring clean to your air conditioning

Spring clean your air conditioning
With the spring equinox marking the end of winter, it’s a great time to start thinking about your air conditioning maintenance

If you don’t already have it planned, spring is the perfect time to get your air conditioning looked at. It will ensure the cooling function is in optimum health before heavy use in the coming summer months. When you think how the snow is only just melting in some parts of the country, imagine what the outdoor units of your air conditioning equipment will have gone through over the winter.

Reasons why regular maintenance is essential
  • By getting your equipment regularly maintained you can prevent breakdowns during the hottest and coldest times of the year when it will be most uncomfortable for your staff to be without the equipment.
  • Keeping your equipment clean means that it will stay more efficient for longer, saving you money. Take a look at our bulletin on condenser cleanliness to read the science behind it.
  • Identify any potential issues before they turn into a breakdown.

R404A Technical bulletin

What happens during a maintenance visit?

During a maintenance visit, an EMS engineer will look at both the indoor and outdoor units and clean them. The cleaning of the outdoor unit includes the clearing of debris around the condenser ensuring that the airflow isn’t inhibited. The indoor unit maintenance comprises of the filter being cleaned/ changed and testing both the heating and cooling functions.

How many times should maintenance take place?

The is no one straight answer to this but we would recommend that your equipment is serviced at least twice a year. We have a range of customers in different industries e.g hospitals, manufacturers and offices, all of whom have different uses for their equipment and therefore vary in the number of services they require. We recommend that you speak to an expert like EMS Ltd who will advise you of the servicing that your business requires.

Pick up the phone and speak to us

If you would like honest advice on the servicing of your equipment, please get in touch with our office to book an appointment and we will be happy to assess your business needs.

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