R32 Refrigerant – The facts you need to know


R32 Refrigerant


Are you aware of R32?

If you keep updated with the goings on in the HVAC industry, you may already be aware of the high profile that R32 has been given in industry news. Are you comfortable with the facts and how they may affect you?

Amended F-Gas Regulations mean that R22 is now banned. Originally replaced by R410a, this is also now subject to a phase down due to its high global warming potential (GWP). R32 has been identified by most manufacturers as the preferred replacement to R410a.

If your workplace has air conditioning you are likely to be affected by these changes. However with so much information around it can be difficult to see what is actually relevant to yourself as an owner of cooling equipment. With this in mind we’ve tried to  make it easier for you by picking out the key information that you need to know about the changes in one place.

In this technical bulletin we will go through the following:

  • Timescales for the phase down of R410a
  • The key differences between the various refrigerants: R22, R410a and R32
  • What you need to consider during installations and maintenance when using R32
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Want to find out more?

Timescales for the phase down are getting narrower, so make sure that you know if and how you are affected before it’s too late.

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