R404A Phasedown – Are you prepared?

R404A Technical bulletin
Industry warnings over R404A

The HVAC industry is warning users with systems running on R404A of its imminent phasedown. With the refrigerant being one of the most commonly used high GWP refrigerants, it’s of importance that users are aware of the phasedown and its potential consequences. Some manufacturers of the product have already stated that they will be ceasing sales by 2018. The consequences of this will mean higher prices and limited availability.

Technical Bulletin from EMS Ltd

In response to this warning, we have created a technical bulletin for anyone wishing to understand more about the phasedown of R404A and what it could mean to them.

Our technical bulletin will go through the following key information;

  • Timescales for the phasedown
  • What you need to consider during installations and maintenance when using the refrigerant
  • The alternative refrigerants
Download the bulletin

You can use the button below to easily download the bulletin.


Want to find out more?

With manufacturers saying they are to stop selling R404A by 2018, it’s important that you act now before it’s too late. If you would like a consultation and further advice about the issues raised, get in contact with us now.

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