What Happens on your Service visit

At EMS, we structure our air conditioning, process cooling and heating contracts to measure and maximise efficiency through measurement and bench-marking and the reporting tools we have available to us. We are able to advise and continually improve the efficiency of kit, improving its performance, reducing running costs and reducing breakdown expenditure and call-outs.

Our technical support includes;

  • Routine visits: We will provide you with a planned schedule of routine visits
  • Reporting procedure: upon completion of each routine visit, a service report sheet for each individual system will be completed, identifying the service status of each item of equipment, and detailing any remedial works required
  • Breakdown visits: should you have reason to call us out to attend to a breakdown, our service coordinator will arrange this for you as quickly as possible
  • Repair work: every effort will be made during the initial breakdown visit to restore the air conditioning or refrigeration plant to working order

Traditionally air conditioning, process cooling and heating maintenance contracts are structured around a planned programme of routine maintenance, based on a number of visits per annum at a fixed annual cost. Additional costs are incurred for repairs, usually based on an hourly rate plus mileage. These additional costs can, in some cases, add up to more than the cost of the routine servicing. This approach provides no incentive for the contractor to minimise the number of breakdowns.

Also, contractors often quote artificially low prices for routine maintenance because they expect to make their profit on repair work and spares. The higher the number of breakdowns, the more profit the contractor makes! As you can see there is little benefit in this approach for the customer.