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Lecture Theatre Refurb

Creating The Optimum Temperature For Learning

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Creating The Optimum Temperature For Learning

The lecture theatre at this university was served by a roof-mounted air handling unit which provided fresh air to the room and heating via an internal electric heater battery. Additionally, the AHU provided extract ventilation and was fitted with a heat recovery wheel. This pre-heated the incoming fresh air using the extracted air from the room.

It was during a routine maintenance visit, that we identified that the unit had reached the end of its effective life and was beyond economical repair.

Effective, Efficient and Quiet

We were challenged with replacing the old unit with something that was more effective, efficient and quiet. The work also needed to be carried out with minimum disruption. We also took the opportunity to introduce air cooling capabilities to the system. Therefore we decided to offer the client heat pump technology which would provide heating.

The Lecture Theatre Solution

The old air handling unit was replaced with a new unit which had an internal thermal wheel for heat recovery as per the existing system. However the new AHU also benefited from energy-efficient inverter driven fans.

The heating and cooling was then achieved by utilising an in line, twin-circuit cooling coil within the supply air duct work. This was connected to a pair of Mitsuibishi heat pump condensing units, configured to run simultaneously. Aside from the significant reduction in running cost when heating, this provided two additional benefits:

Increased efficiency and reduced running costs

As the units are inverter-controlled, they will share the load during normal operation.

A more robust and reliable solution

This is possible because the new system eliminates the risk of unit failure on start-up

Integrated operation of the heat pump condensing units into the AHU’s controls provide a simple intuitive means of adjusting the room conditions.

Running Cost Savings of 60%

We estimate that the new installation will result in a running cost saving of 60%, including the new cost associated with cooling the room during the summer. 

You can find out more about our installation and design services here.

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