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Evaporative Cooling

26th May 2022

Three Reasons to install evaporative cooling

Here we look in detail at three reasons why this type of cooling might be a good solution for your business; 

1. Indoor Air Quality

2. Supply Air Temperature

3. Efficiency

We will also give you an overview of the reasons why evaporative cooling might not suit you particular business and application.

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Indoor Air Quality

The recommended fresh air rate for occupied spaces is 8 to 12 litres/sec per person. Many offices served by traditional refrigeration based comfort cooling are not augmented by a separate fresh air system, causing the room to become stuffy, CO2 levels to rise, and the quality of the indoor air to deteriorate.

Also, comfort cooling systems, without a supplementary fresh air system, cause the room relative humidity to drop to levels that may give rise to nose and throat irritation.

Evaporative cooling introduces 100% fresh air at, typically, 4-5 times the recommended ventilation rate, and keeps the relative humidity up at more acceptable levels.

Supply Air Temperature

Traditional refrigeration based comfort cooling systems supply air at 10-12°C below the room temperature. Well designed systems ensure that this air mixes with the room air before the occupants are “hit” by it. Not all systems, though, are well designed, and anyone caught in the draught of this cold/dry air is exposed to the potential for the sinus problems mentioned above.

Evaporative cooling delivers higher volume of air, but at a higher temperature, typically 3-4°C below the room temperature, so the risk of thermal shock is negligible.


Evaporative cooling systems consume only fan power and water. They consume between 10 and 20% of the power consumed by refrigeration based cooling. Retrofitting usually provides relatively quick pay-back periods.

Reasons NOT to install Evaporative Cooling

Factors to consider, some of which may rule out Evaporative Cooling are:-

  • Space required for (larger) ductwork
  • Legionella Risk Assessment
  • Fan static capability
  • Heating requirement
  • High internal heat gains
  • Individual room control

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