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How Often Should I Service my Air Conditioning?

30th May 2022

Why is it important to service your air conditioning regularly?

It is important that you service your air conditioning equipment regularly. Regular servicing will ensure that your equipment continues to work at optimum levels. It can also help to avoid costly downtime which can affect your business.

How many times a year do I need to service my air conditioning equipment?

The number of times a year that you should service your air conditioning equipment can vary greatly depending on various factors:

1) Application

The number of services will depend on the area that your equipment is servicing. For example, office use for comfort cooling will need less servicing than equipment which is critical for production.

2) Frequency of Use

If your air conditioning equipment needs to be on 24/7 because it is cooling server rooms or data centres, we would recommend more servicing.

3) Age

Older equipment which is liable to breakdown should be serviced more frequently to avoid downtime.

In general, if your air conditoning equipment is serving a small office space for comfort cooling during normal office hours a minimum of twice a year is suggested. However, EMS Ltd will consider the factors and recommend a servicing schedule which ensures your equipment keeps clean and working at its best.

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