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Repair or Replace?

26th May 2022

Deciding whether to repair or replace your air conditioning or process cooling equipment is no easy matter. Here we discuss some of the factors that might want to consider when making the decision.

If you would prefer please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team who will be able to discuss your options with you. 

Factor 1 – Cost
Simple repairs or replacement of minor components are inexpensive but the cost of rectifying compressor failures, for example, or replacing a heat exchanger might approach the cost of a complete systems.

Factor 2 – Warranty
As an insurance against future repair costs, if the equipment if of an age where it is susceptible to breakdowns, then a replacement system with a 5 year warranty (even 7 years available from certain manufacturers) is worth considering.

Factor 3 – Compliance: Ozone Regulations
Your defective system may be using R22 refrigerant, in which case it should be de-commissioned and disposed of in line with environmental legislation. The option of using a drop-in replacement refrigerant should only be considered as a last resort.

Factor 4 – Compliance: F Gas Regulations
Your defective system might be using R410a refrigerant, which is subject to a phase-down in line with environmental legislation. If other factors determine that you replace, as opposed to repair, then the new system should use R32 refrigerant which would significantly improve your carbon footprint.

Factor 5 – Efficiency
A new system would be up to 100% more efficient than you defective system, so if the application demands a 24/7 operating time then the reduced running costs might be a determining factor.

Factor 6 – Application
Your defective system might be serving an area which it was not originally designed for, for example if an office layout has changed, so a replacement option could cater for the revised increased (or decreased) duty, position, or configuration.

In Summary
The repair option is usually cheaper and usually quicker, but not always the best solution – our job is to provide you with the information with which to make your decision.

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