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What is the Difference between Air Conditioning and Ventilation?

30th May 2022

What is ventilation?

Ventilation removes stale air from a building and replaces it with fresh air from outside. It is important to provide good ventilation so that staff are working in a comfortable environment. Ventilation can be provided through mechanical or natural means. In some buildings such as small offices, opened windows could provide enough ventilation. Other buildings such as factories and warehouses are more likely to require mechanical ventilation.

How is this different to air conditioning?

One of the main differences between ventilation and air conditioning is that air conditioning does not use an external source. Ventilation on the other hand uses air from outside to help purify the air inside. Additionally, air conditioning can cool the air it provides. This is different to ventilation which does not provide temperature controlled air.

Ventilation and legislation

Employers in the UK are legally required to ensure the workplace their staff are occupying is well ventilated. Poor ventilation can lead to health problems for staff including tiredness and headaches. Therefore it is also to the benefit of the employer to ensure that the workplace is sufficiently ventilated to avoid staff sickness and improve productivity.

Should I choose mechanical ventilation or air conditioning?

As discussed, ventilation and air conditioning are different. However, they can both provide your workplace with significant benefits. Whether you need just one system or both, choosing the right system for you depends on the space in question. Another consideration is a change of use or occupany of a room which may mean that the current system is no longer sufficient. The best place to start is by discussing your needs with an expert in this field. EMS Ltd design, install and maintain both air conditioning and ventilation systems so we can guide you through your options and discuss the right solution for you. 

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