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Mechanical ventilation in Winter

29th January 2021
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Whilst the temperature plummets outside, and whilst you’re inside in your comfortable office, you may be tempted to crank the heating up and make the room all nice and cosy. However, it is important to understand the requirement for supply of fresh air, otherwise known as ventilation.

Building Regulations include ventilation

Building Regulations in the United Kingdom stipulate that offices and other similar environments must be adequately ventilated to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of their occupants. Too little ventilation in a workplace, and the air can become stale and people inside can suffer something commonly known as Sick Building Syndrome.

In the winter months, you are less likely to want to open a nearby window to draw in fresh air. In order to remain compliant with the building regulations, mechanical ventilation could be a viable alternative.

COVID and Ventilation

In the current climate, it’s even more important that some sort of ventilation is provided in the workplace to tackle possible outbreaks of COVID. Having a mechanical ventilation system will allow your employees to work safely whilst keeping at a comfortable temperature. Take a look at how we helped one office improve their ventilation system in order to keep staff safe here.

Find out more

EMS offer a full range of mechanical ventilation services, from bespoke design and installation to the service and maintenance of systems. To find out more about our ventilation services and what we offer please take a look at our dedication ventilation page here.

For more information on how mechanical ventilation can support your workplace or for a quotation to install new kit or replace existing equipment for more energy efficient models, contact us here now

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