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Body Store Replacement

Replacement of body store at major Hampshire hospital

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Replacement of body store at major Hampshire hospital

This major hospital serving hundreds of patients asked us to take a look at one of their existing body stores. We found that the current body store was beyond repair with failing doors and seals which had started to effect its performance. The body store needed replacing. We were therefore tasked with the de-commission, removal and replacement of the old body store. 

Meeting growing capacity needs of the hospital

The new body store would need to meet the growing capacity needs of the hospital whilst keeping to strict temperature requirements. Due to the nature of the mortuary body store, the maintenance of a specific temperature range would be critical to the new system with any deviance from temperature range or system failure potentially having a devastating effect on the hospital. The system would need to have something in place in order to avoid lengthy downtime.

The Body Store Solution

In accordance with the clients requirements we designed the following solution for our customer:

Meet growing capacity needs of the hospital

Designed a store to hold 6 rows and 4 racks high accommodating 24 bodies with each row having an individual door which will be approximately 650mm wide.

Adhere to strict temperature requirements

Temperature will be held between 0°C and 5°C

Minimise downtime

Integrated operation of the heat pump condensing units into the AHU’s controls provide a simple and intuitive means of adjusting the room conditions. 

The Result

We were able to get the new body store for this mortuary up and running with minimum disruption to staff and patients whilst meeting our client’s requirements.

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Do you require help with the design and installation of a body store which unique to your mortuary needs? Take a look at our design and installation service page here for more information.

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