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Call Centre Air Conditioning

Call Centre Air Conditioning

Fabric Duct Solution for Call Centre Air Conditioning

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Fabric Duct Solution for Call Centre Air Conditioning

EMS were asked by this company to replace the old air conditioning system in their call centre. The customer had three requirements;

1) New Design

They requested a different design to the cassette systems that were already installed as they wanted the new air conditioning system to distribute the air better, causing less cold draughts.

2) Non-disruptive Work Hours

The work needed to be conducted out of office hours as the space was occupied by around 75 employees.

3) Reducing Call Centre Noise Pollution

An air conditioning system which was quieter was required.

With this in mind, EMS designed and installed a ducted air conditioning system. The new ducted system features both jet nozzles and a permeable fabric to allow the air to be distributed better and avoid draughts. The new system is also quierter than the cassette system previously installed. This was achieved by fitting a duct attenuator/ silencer as well as installing ceiling pads which sit on top of the ceiling tiles in order to help with the acoustic noise.

“ We really like what EMS have done with this installation and we are looking to use the same design and application elsewhere in our company ”

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