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Office Comfort Cooling

Air Conditioning and Ventilation for new office complex

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Design and install of office comfort cooling

A large manufacturer came to us with a requirement for comfort cooling. This system was for a new project which was being undertaken to construct a new office complex would consist of a number of offices and meeting rooms spread across both the ground and first floors. Heating and cooling was to be provided to the areas via heat pump technology.

EMS Ltd designed and Installed a solution which had the following benefits:

  • Reduced footprint and minimal aesthetic impact of the external plant
  • Meet the individual demands of each room
  • Minimise noise levels and the effect of thermal shock (draughts) on personnel
  • A supply of fresh air to each area
  • Reduction of odour and CO2 build
  • Accurate temperature control of fresh air

EMS Ltd managed to satisfy the heating, cooling and ventilation requirement of the new office complex whilst providing a cost effective and energy efficient solution. This was achieved by the use of a modern, inverter-controlled, heat recovery VRF air conditioning system in conjunction with a high efficiency heat recovery ventilation system.

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