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Warehouse Cooling

Critical warehouse cooling supply requirement

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Critical warehouse cooling supply requirement

We were contacted by a pharmaceutical who required a cooling system for their warehouse facility. Due to the medical nature of the products being packaged and stored many factors needed to be taken into consideration when designing a suitable cooling system for the company.

Specific Temperature Ranges

It was essential that the system maintained a specific temperature band of 15-25°C throughout the area. Any deviation from this temperature could potentially cause the product to degrade.

Meeting MHRA requirements

Our design had to meet the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) audit requirement. Meeting these requirements would allow the company to achieve their required license.

The Solution

We offered the customer a complete design and build solution inculding the following works:

Working with existing TREND BEMS

We installed an Air Handling Unit which linked to the customer’s existing TREND building Energy Management System (BEMS).

Full installation works

Our solution included installing all the necessary electronics. As well as the installation and pressure testing of the pipe and duct work. We also ensured building compliance with legislation by coordinating the building control administration with appropriate local authorities.

Temperature Mapping of areas

Probes were installed at high and low levels at specific points within the facility in order to check that temperatures were compliant.

“ Thanks for the support and for completing on time and in full. Please give my thanks to the team that attended and all those who worked on this project in the background ”

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