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Ventilation during a Cost of Living Crisis

15th November 2022

Using Ventilation during a Cost of Living Crisis

With the cost of living crisis, encouraging occupants in buildings to ventilate their buildings is more difficult. As the cost of energy per kW increases, it becomes increasingly harder to justify paying to supply a building with fresh air and ventilation, either by natural or mechanical means, when the cost of supplying the ventilation, and resulting heat loss is getting greater. We must also consider the trade-off with mitigating the risks of flu and covid where we choose not to provide a space with ventilation. For more information about these risks take a look at this article.

As a combative measure against the cost of living crisis, insulation plays a key part in retaining heat in buildings, and therefore reducing the duration the heating needs to be on, which saves money. However, with better insulation, buildings are becoming more air-tight. As a result, air particles remain in the space so there is an increased need for ventilation.

The recent Covid pandemic highlighted the importance of good air quality for health. The pressures on the NHS and the strain on essential services strengthens the necessity to improve awareness of the need adequate ventilation. Ventilation equipment is becoming more and more technologically advanced therefore it requires a dedicated service provider with industry-specific knowledge and training to design, install and maintain your systems.

Even with proper design, installation and commissioning, the role of maintenance of the ventilation system is vitally important. The schedule for changing filters in systems is dependent on the system’s use and its application. For more information take a look at our air conditioning filters knowledge hub piece here.

At EMS, we offer a fully bespoke design service, taking into account all your business objectives, including cost effectiveness. If you are looking to introduce ventilation in your buildings, or wish to change your existing ventilation systems and would like more information, get in touch with us today. For more information about our ventilation services please take a look at our dedicated page here.

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