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4 Reasons to choose EMS for both maintenance and install

8th July 2020
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Choosing one air conditioning company for both your install projects and maintenance jobs can make your life much easier. Here we discuss in detail 4 top reasons to choose EMS as your install and maintenance contractor.

The top 4 reasons

  1. Streamlined asset details

We give our own unique EMS asset ID no.’s to all your HVAC equipment on site. Any newly installed equipment is given the next ID no. in the sequence.

  1. Automatic updates to your maintenance schedule

When we install new kit for you, it automatically gets added to your maintenance schedule. Likewise, when we decommission and remove old kit for you, we know to remove these items equimpent off your asset register and maintenance schedule.

  1. All your HVAC F-GAS records in one place

When EMS takes care of all refrigerant transactions for you, every F-Gas log is kept in a single database. F-Gas registers and statements are available showing all refrigerant movements on your site, fully complying with the latest regulations.

  1. Multi-skilled Engineers

Our engineers have skills and attributes which are transferrable to both install and maintenance. Our install and maintenance engineers regularly help one another out, drawing on their own strengths and expertise. From carrying out routine maintenance, to repairing a leak in a refrigeration system, all the way through to installing large industrial boilers and big air conditioning fit-outs. EMS have the right engineers to get the jobs done.

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