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Andover Refrigeration Cold Room

A new refrigeration cold room in Andover

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Product Volume

The cold room plant needs to cater to the expansion in product volume that the company expects to see in the future.

Sufficient Redundant Capacity

In the event of plant failure, sufficient redundant capacity would prevent downtime.

A bespoke cold room solution

The resultant plant load was beyond the normal operating limit of standard equipment. Therefore, we designed a bespoke system that was comprising 2 compressor/ receiver sets coupled to 1 dual circuit condenser. All mounted on a purpose-built steel frame.

The “Chill Factor”

The project was commissioned 10 weeks from agreeing the design brief with the client. After three months operation, we were asked to consider the “chill factor” for personnel working within the room. We designed a fabric ducting system, whereby each cooler was connected to a 900mm diameter “sock” installed along the length of the cold room. This provided an even distribution of chilled air at a much lower velocity, thereby reducing discomfort to room occupants.

Find out more about our cold room solutions

From the design and installation, to the maintenance, EMS have all your refrigeration needs covered. If you would like to find out more about our solutions please take a look at our design and installation page here.

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