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Process Cooling Chiller

Process cooling for laser manufacturer

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Process cooling for laser manufacturer
Our customer, a world leading manufacturer of fibre lasers based in Hampshire, required additional process cooling for a new production unit within their existing facility. The requirement was to provide a cooling capacity for the 30 production lasers used in the process.

The challenge
The customer had the following requirements from the design and installation of the additional cooling.

Consistent Cooling
To supply a consistent cooling duty for all of the lasers doing testing at the same time.

Sufficient redundant cooling
Sufficient redundant cooling capacity was required in case of unit failure, ensuring resilience. The capacity also provides flexibility for future expansion.

Sensitivity to ferrous materials
A significant consideration in this installation was the sensitivity of our customer’s equipment to ferrous materials.

The Solution
The 2x 150kW chillers are sized to provide 75% of the total cooling requirement in the event of a failure.
A large capacity Weir tank was included in order to accomodate future expansion to the system. This also provides a thermal buffer.
We included a duplex twin pump set, on a run/ standby configuration with auto change over in the event of a failure.
The pumps are inverter controlled using feedback from pressure sensors in the system to regulate the water flow to meet specific demand.
The pipework was installed via “XPress Fittings” which negate the need for any hot works on site.
Routing of the pipework was installed in a reverse return configuration to provide a balanced system giving equal water flow at each outlet.

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